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Hotel & Tour Websites
That Turn Lookers Into Bookers.

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Hotel & Tour Websites
That Turn Lookers Into Bookers

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Want A Website That Turns Lookers Into Bookers?

Getting a website that works, shouldn’t be so hard and take up so much of your precious time

I Can Help You:

  • Clarify your message
  •  Improve page design
  • Make it easy for visitors to book like crazy

3 step plan to get more bookings



As your landing page guy together we will discuss what your goals are, and the strategy that will help you reach your goals. We will also discuss a plan to get the results you need.



I will dig deeper to better understand and emphasize with your ideal guests. So we can clarify your message and design. So your guests become loyal fans of your brand.



As your landing page guy I will get your landing page live. So you can get more guests and get back to what you do best. Running your business.


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Some of my recent Work

Oceanfront Hacienda

This Historical Spanish Villa in San Clemente California, was built in 1928 by San Clemente city founder Ole Hanson...

In talking with the owners. I discovered that they were not getting enough bookings from their website. We also discovered that the booking process by email, was taking too much time for guests and management. Also it was hard for guest to find website online.

How I helped the Oceanfront Hacienda.

  • Created an ideal Guest Persona to better empathize with guests.
  • Redesigned the website to be Mobile Friendly and easier to use.
  • Implemented Online Booking functionality. Saving a lot of time for the website user and the management.
  • Made the website easier to be found online, by optimizing Google Maps & Google My Business listings.
  • Improved on page Search Engine Optimization. Optimized open graph settings for enhanced Social Sharing.
  • We would love to Help You also in any way we can.

Thailand Explorer

Thailand Explorer is a single page Javascript Web App to explore random locations in Thailand.

Its is a side project I have been working on. It initially started as a class project from my time attending Thinkful’s Web Developer Bootcamp.

I would love to integrate individual hotel and tour websites into the app. I really love spending time in Thailand and we live here part if the year. If you have any ideas on how to improve this app let me know.

Technologies Used

  • Hand coded Javascript to implement random images and locations functionality.
  • Google Maps API to bring up a map of random location.
  • Custom API I built for locations in Thailand.
  • Wiki Voyage API to bring up random location information.
  • Custom API I built for locations in Thailand.
  • Hand coded HTML & CSS For structure and style of the app.

Easy Day Phuket Tours

This project is a Landing Page Redesign for a tour company.  I designed this page in Sketch first. As I prefer not to use templates, But design for the content. Then I built this Landing Page in Webflow one of my favorite design tools.

One of the many thing I love about Webflow is being able to publish a website live in minutes, so you can show and test right away. Also you can do A/B testing right in Webflow.
I Would Love to Build a Landing Page For You.

Targeted Landing Pages are a great way to reach new quests looking for what you offer.No need to buy other software just add another page to your domain.


Here Is What Clients Are Saying

Thank you for your time and assistance with developing the Oceanfront Hacienda website. Not only do we have an amazing website, we gain a new friendship that will last until the end of time!

My Landing Page Guy, Mike Haslam helped us when we desperately needed a new web design.He always made us feel like we were on the same team, so we knew we had made the right decision in choosing him to re-brand our business. Mike is reliable, flexible, and consistently delivers a valuable service.

Oceanfront Hacienda

Michael is awesome. Not only did he do what I asked, but actually went above and beyond the description that I laid out. If Michael gives you the chance to work with him, you should take it. If you don't, you might not know it, but you will be sorry. Once again, thank you Michael the for the hard work you put into my project


Very professional work! Completely over delivered on my project and I am very happy with the end results. Excited to work with Michael again in the future. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

My Traffic Hero

Hi Thanks For Stopping By

My name is Mike Haslam. I would love to be your Landing Page Guy. I won’t bore you with too many details, because I would much rather find a way to help you.

I am a self taught designer developer type and lifelong travel addict. I started out wanting to be an app developer but I found I much more enjoy the design and copywriting part. After tying many things I discovered that by combining my passions of Travel, Design and Helping People It became much more fun and I really do care about helping people in this way.

Do you want to work with someone who listens and communicates well?

With all the great tools out there. Everyone thinks they can create a Landing page or Website that brings in customers. The truth is they are just great tools. It’s craftsman a who uses the tools with their knowledge and passion. To truly help people the best they can.

By listening to and empathizing with customers we can help them with a plan to help solve their problems and desires. The best way to communicate this to new customers is by using words otherwise know as Copywriting, that speaks to them. Copywriting coupled with Design that helps them feel how you can help them. I believe this is the best way to start a relationship with our customers.

I believe the best way I can help people the most is to work in areas that I am passionate about. For me, that’s Travel and Design and Learning.

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